Planning and Zoning


(From Left) Barkley Hudson, Pat Lander, Bill Perry, Interim Administrator Richard "Dickie" Thomas, Paul Hooks, Sherman Chaudoin, Barry Brown, and Ed Schmidt.


Kentucky cities are allowed to regulate land use within the construct approved by the Kentucky General Assembly. While cities are not required to enact planning and zoning, Princeton has chosen to do so.

Planning and zoning is an intensive process in which areas of a city are designated for specific purposes. Such land use zoning is the result of significant planning done on the part of the city. Market studies, demographic trends, infrastructure assessments and any other applicable research are combined into a comprehensive plan that governs the next five years of zoning activities. Ordinances are then passed to enforce those land use and transportation decisions.

The Princeton Planning Commission, made up of members of the community, provides oversight of this highly regulated process. Members of this board include: Sherman Chaudoin, Ed Schmidt, Bill Perry, Pat Lander, Paul Hooks, Barkley Hudson and Barry Brown.

Public input must be received in a number of different forms, and an appeals process overseen by the Board of Adjustment is in place for those who wish to adjust established zoning requirements. Members of the Board of Adjustment include: Chair Paul Hooks, Mike Dearing, Debra Copeland and Sherman Chaudoin.

The Planning and Zoning department is currently administered from City Hall by Code Enforcement Officer Richard "Dickie" Thomas. His contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.


The forms included below are those most frequently requested from the Planning and Zoning department. Questions may be directed to interim Planning and Zoning Administrator Richard "Dickie" Thomas. His contact information is provided below.


Click the link below to download a map of the current zoning regulations in place for the city of Princeton.  The map is in PDF form.  Note that zoning variances may be requested through the Board of Adjustment.


Interim Planning and Zoning Administrator
Richard "Dickie" Thomas
(270) 365 - 9575
Planning and Zoning