Rotary Club

​​​The Rotary Club of Princeton, Kentucky meets each Tuesday at the Majestic House Restaurant, 208 US 62 W, in Princeton at noon.  We currently have 38 active members, 3 friends of Rotary, and 3 honorary members.​

The Rotary Club of Princeton, Kentucky is proud to partner with The Free Reading Program.  This program is for students in kindergarten through 6th grade.  The primary objective of the program is to improve literacy (one of Rotary International's Seven Areas of Focus) through fundamental skills reinforcement activities.  It includes 266 learning units and over 3600 interactive learning activities, designed to engage young learners and install confidence through a quiz and success-based teaching approach.​​

​​Officers: ​

President - Al Brunelle 
Secretary - Chloe King 
Treasurer - Pam Brunelle
Immediate Past President - Roy Burris
President​ Elect - J.D. Wilson
President Nominee - Geneva Malone 
Executive Secretary - Melissa Earnest 


Rotary Club