​​​​​Tag and Tow Program ​

The Tag and Tow Program is authorized through the Kentucky League of Cities Code Enforcement​ Program. The City of Princeton does not authorize the parking or storage of abandoned or junk vehicles and are authorized to remove them under the City Ordinances and Kentucky Revised Statutes. Upon tagging of a vehicle, the owner has 30 days to get the violation in compliance with City Ordinances; if compliance is not reached, the vehicle will be towed and the owner will have 45 days before the towing company is allowed to sell/dispose of the vehicle to cover their costs. ​

Reference the below City and State ordinances regarding the legality of the Tag and Tow Program. ​

Princeton City Ordinance 50.005 - Abandoned and Junk Vehicles.pdf
KRS 281.928 - Required Notice to Owner and Lienholder.pdf
KRS 376.275 - Lien on Motor Vehicles and Contents for Reasonable and Applicable Charges.pdf

Amnesty Program

Tired of getting fines? Do you have a property that you want to get rid of? The City of Princeton Amnesty Program is an avenue for residents to sign over the deed to the city so that the City absorbs the cost of the demolition. If you have a property that is not going to be fixed, destroyed​, or sold then please consider this route as it saves us all time and headaches. Avoid fines, liens, foreclosures and potential court appearances by letting go of properties that are beyond saving. Help us create space for new homes to be built for the citizens of Princeton.