Code Enforcement Board

​​Board Members

​George Barber
Steve Woodward
Al Brunelle
Hailey Jones 
Nicole McGowan


The Code Enforcement Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm in the Princeton Tourism Center/City Council Chamber at 206 East Market Street. These meetings are open to the public. Interested citizens are invited and encouraged to attend.


The Code Enforcement Board is a quasi-judicial governing body that hears appeals concerning citations for code violations.  It has the power to govern its operations, conduct hearings, subpoena alleged violators, witnesses and evidence, to take testimony under oath, to make findings of fact, issue remedial orders, impose civil fines, to appoint a hearing officer to conduct hearings, or to dismiss charges and/or fines altogether. 


The Code Enforcement Board/Hearing Officer:

- Determines whether a violation was actually committed

- Dismisses violation citations that are not proven

- Issues orders sanctioning fines up to the maximum allowed by law

- Considers requests for timely remedies of ongoing violations

- Waives monetary charges in special circumstances

- Sends notification of appeal hearings to all relevant parties.

        Note: All appeals to cited violations must be filed within 7 days.

- Decides requests for time extensions in which code violations must be resolved.

        Note: All requested extensions must be made in writing and must include sound

        justification that the original timeframe allotted for meeting compliance measures

        was inadequate.

Code Enforcement Board